Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Finds Friday-Cheap Date Night

Another first for this blog will be my weekly post about bargains for the family. I am a serious bargain hunter, and am always on the prowl for a deal or a way to make items myself. So this week's post is on Cheap Date Night. A couple of years ago we were always stressed about spending and never went out. But one day my husband said enough was enough, and thus began Cheap Date Night. Now, we try to go out once a week and love to find deals. It is so good for our relationship, and Elle loves hanging out with her grandma. A win win. 

One thing we do to save money is ask for gift cards for our birthdays and Christmas. We currently have gift cards to 3 restaurants and 4 free movie tickets, and that's just from our Christmas haul. So the next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just for any reason tell them a gift card.

Another thing we do to save money is share a meal. We are major snackers at home and don't eat huge meals. So when we eat out we can almost always share a meal. If we're still hungry we get an appetizer or dessert to share, which is still cheaper than two meals.

Two cheap but really great date spots we love to hit locally are Nickel City in Orem:

The entry fee is $2.25 per person, but we find BOGO free deals for it all the time. Then after that, games are anywhere from 5 cents to 25 cents each. We usually get 2 $2 bags of nickels, and that lasts the whole evening. It is seriously a blast. 


Water Gardens Theatre in Pleasant Grove:

This is essentially a dollar theater that plays movies that have been out for a couple of months. Tickets are $3.50 each and seating is assigned so you don't have to fight or go ridiculously early. You pick your own seats when you purchase your tickets. Our favorite part about this theater though is the snacks! A small popcorn, drink, or candy is only $1. Yep, $1. So for $10 you can both go to a movie and get popcorn, a drink, and candy to share. Pretty rad. 

We also love to take Elle to this theater on family dates(watch for a follow up post on family dates later!) It's free for her, and she loves snuggling and eating popcorn like a big girl.

Leave a comment below if you've found other great spots for cheap dates.

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